Come nascono i nostri occhiali?
Nel nostro negozio puoi trovare una ricercata e esclusiva collezione disegnata dalla titolare Mariella Carlon.

Mariella Carlon has lived with glasses for her entire life, combining creativity, technique, intuition and research of forms. Everything is designed to make our models unique, fun and elegant. Glasses capable of going beyond the simple accessory, with fun and ironic shapes and colors. Even the name of each model comes from the event or the character that inspired it, people who are part of a narrative or theatrical work, friends or family. Real style icons worn by customers from all over the world. Open our shop and see our collection. You can buy directly and receive your glasses in a short time. For any other information do not hesitate to contact us we will be happy to meet your needs.
Disegnare occhiali è per Mariella Carlon una questione di vita e di asimmetria. Di famiglia friulana si ritrova a gestire il più antico negozio di ottica di Venezia fondato nel 1871. Con Mariella Carlon il racconto di 4 generazioni dedite alla forma per l’occhio e non solo, scopriamo insieme come si crea un occhiale di successo, tra aneddoti e pura creatività!

Collezione Ottica Mantovani

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Rivenditore esclusivo Venezia

Ottica Mantovani ha il piacere di presentare la collezione VAVA by Pedro da Silva e Capsule Collection by Alvaro Seiza Vieira.

Vava is very much inspired by Architecture. Frames as building, our eyewear uses the face as a landscape. Eyewear being a rigid object needs to fit a face perfectly, ultimately looking at becoming a mechanic parte of the body.

Exclusive dealer in Venice

Suzanne Ciani Collection

Suzanne Ciani and VAVA have teamed up to develop a capsule collection of eyewear, inspired by Suzanne’s passion for the Buchla and quadraphonic soundscape exploration. The collaboration with the musician, pioneer of the 70’s electronic genre, is born to highlight the link between cultured electronic music and design. The collection, made in Germany, and crafted using sustainable, bio-based 3D printing techniques, features bold geometric elements that draw inspiration from Buchla’s intricate design and layout. Colors used in Buchla cords and connectors are incorporated in the design, and like in Buchla, they become eye-drawn elements connecting everything. The eyewear seamlessly blends sound and movement into its design, representing how Suzanne approaches music-making. Another key aspect of this collaboration is the use of mineral crystal lenses in the sunglasses. This reinforces the unique nature of the brand. VAVA believes that only the natural purity of the glass can ensure the best optical precision of a lens and the inalterability of its characteristics in time, along with its typical and unique transparency. VAVA uses exclusively Barberini lenses across all models in the acetate series. For many years, Barberini has been synonym of excellence in the optical glass sun lenses segment. Barberini was among the first companies in the field to achieve the UNI EN ISO 14001 Environmental Certification, meaning that all its manufacturing plants have zero-waste status.